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Written & Directed by Jak Khampadith


Chad Moeun, Elissa Park, Matthew Costa,

Mark S. Gagliardi, Mimi Alexander, Ashleigh Heaton,

Rene Aquino, Blake Cordell

Animated by:

Jak Khampadith, Matt Bruneau-Richardson,

Myriam Aburto, Dave Hall, Webb Tan

Music by Blake Cordell

Sound Editing by Kaitlynn Hegarty

Carl just lost his childhood dog and best friend, Mundo. Moving on can be hard, but everything changes when a new friend falls from the sky!

Now Carl has Doug; a mysterious creature from beyond the stars. Carl isn't the only one who wants Doug though, and now they have to face a giant alien monster!

Prepare for take off with Aliens, Super heroes, monsters, and more in "Carl and Doug!"

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