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Tiny Siren's Animated Shorts Program

The artists of Tiny Siren are excited to announce the launch of our animated shorts program, which will produce three new animated shorts by 2020. Each short will be approximately ten minutes long, and will be directed by a different Tiny Siren artist.

The first of the three animated shorts is “Carl & Doug” from animator Jak Khampadith, about a man who adopts an alien after the loss of his childhood dog. Sirenetta, the hero of our first animated production, will appear in a new animated adventure from Tiny Siren founder Matt Bruneau-Richardson. The third short, from animator Dave Hall, will be about teenage superhero “Talis-Man” and his team.

The Tiny Siren animated shorts program is designed to bolster the creative abilities of our artists, while also developing new stories and characters that could be further explored in future productions. This program further advances Tiny Siren Animation’s mission of strengthening talent while telling contemporary stories through retro-inspired 2D animation.

“Carl & Doug” began pre-production in late 2017, and will premiere in mid-to-late 2018. “Sirenetta” will follow in mid-2019, with “Talis-Man” in late 2019.

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