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Do you have a message to communicate to your customers? Convey it with animation!

Our artists will work with you to develop the perfect concept, script, and design for your animated commercial or explainer video. Together, we will create a piece of animation that speaks to your customers in a compelling way.

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Graphic Design

Our artists can apply the aesthetics of animation to still images as well through graphic design.

Logos, business cards, brochures, invitations; whatever your needs may be, Tiny Siren can bring a nuanced touch of fun to any design.

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Additional Services

Are you looking to bring the magic touch of animation to a proposal, wedding, or other big life event?

"Ever After" by Tiny Siren will animate your love story like one of the classic fairy tale movies we all grew up with. Whether you're looking to propose, announce your engagement, or regale your wedding guests with your love story, "Ever After" is here to help you tell your story.


Click here for more information on our "Ever After" services.

Do you have animation in mind for a project unlike what's listed here? Contact us! We'd love to hear more.