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Written & Directed by Matt Bruneau-Richardson

Ashleigh Heaton, Angelicque Cate, Heather Pederson,

Jillian Nadiak, Brianna Burton, Kelsie Adams

Animated by:
Matt Bruneau-Richardson, Myriam Aburto, Dave Hall,

Jak Khampadith, Lia Rothschild, Isaiah Stephens, 

Webb Tan

Music by Kristina Boulay & Brandon Liew

Sound Editing by Kaitlynn Hegarty & Yuri Goto

Once upon a time, there lived a little mermaid...but she wasn't happy with her fins, so she traded them in for some feet.

A year after becoming human, Sirenetta is living happily ever after as Nettie Pearlman. When four lost mermaids come to her for help evading evil pirates though, Nettie finds herself diving back under the waves.

Who will win in the battle of Mermaids vs. Pirates?

Find out in "Sirenetta & the Second Star"

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