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Written & Directed by Matt Bruneau-Richardson


Ashleigh Heaton, Blake Cordell, Mark S. Gagliardi,

Kristina Boulay, Samantha Pearl, Mimi Alexander,

Elissa Park, Michelle Rizza, Fran Page

Animated by:
Matt Bruneau-Richardson, Myriam Aburto, Dave Hall,

Jak Khampadith, Sophia Mavrolas, Webb Tan

Music by Brandon Liew

Sound Editing by Kaitlynn Hegarty

When your partner meets your family, it's always sink or swim.

Mermaid princess Nettie and her human boyfriend Freckles are back in an all new animated short film full of oceanic magic and royal family drama!

Winner of "Best Animation" at the 2019 Boston Screaming Ostrich Film Festival and "Best Narrative - Medium Length" at the 2019 508 Film Festival.

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