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Hello, and welcome to Tiny Siren Animation. Let me introduce myself; my name is Matt Bruneau-Richardson, and I am the Founder & Creative Director of Tiny Siren. I am so happy to finally say “We’re open for business”

I have wanted to tell stories with animation my whole life. Growing up, nothing held my attention more than movies like The Little Mermaid, Anastasia, or Mulan. I loved watching the weekly animated adventures of Sailor Moon or the cartoonish comedy of The Weekenders. My hopes and dreams all played out as moving pictures in my head, and I knew one day I would find a way to make them real.

In 2013 I reached out to a group of friends from my time at the New England Institute of Art, asking if they would like to team up and animate a project I had been writing. Three years later and we’re still working together, and it has been so incredible to see how we have all evolved. I’ve seen each person push themselves creatively, growing as artists and fine-tuning their craft. We have also grown into a strong team, learning how we are most symbiotic and the best ways in which we collaborate.

I look forward to telling the stories that grow in our team-members’ imaginations, but we are so excited to tell the stories of others too. We are eager to work with other small businesses to communicate to their customers, adding our unique splash of magic to their market, whether they need our graphic design services or animation for a commercial or explainer video. We are delighted to offer “Ever After” services to engaged couples, animating their love story and telling it like one of the classic fairytale movies we all watched during the Cinematic Animation Renaissance of the 90s. Whatever story a client is looking to tell, we hope to help them tell it however we can.

Tiny Siren Animation has been a dream of mine for years now, and I didn’t expect it to happen now, but the stars aligned and I couldn’t resist the fact that our time is now. It is my wish for Tiny Siren to produce beautiful hand-drawn animation inspired by the cartoons of Animation’s Golden Age in the 1930s-60s and the Animated Renaissance of the 90s with story-telling for today’s audiences. Our team is diverse, no two members fitting into the same demographic. Our experiences and different points-of-view will inspire our story-telling, driving our projects into seldom explored territory.

Our team has already been on an incredible journey since we joined forces three years ago, and we are now embarking on an even bigger adventure together. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather be doing this with than David, Isaiah, Myriam, and Webb, and I know whatever comes our way we will dive into it head first. We can’t wait to work with you.

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