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Announcing "Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid" Voice Cast

Today we are proud to announce the voice cast of our first feature length animated movie, “Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid.” Based on the award winning 2019 short film, “Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid” is the story of Nettie – a mermaid princess who, with the help of her magic necklace, can go from fins to feet with ease. After ten years of living happily on land, Nettie’s life is thrown back under water when her family and friends are threatened by a lethal Red Tide and the evil witch who controls it.

Ashleigh Heaton returns as the titular Sirenetta “Nettie” Pearlman, along with Blake Cordell reprising his role of Freckles; Nettie’s human fiancé. Blair Greene-Osako takes over the role of Calypso, a Caribbean Sea Nymph and Nettie’s best friend from her life in the ocean.

Nettie, Freckles, and Calypso soon meet Archie, an anxious young merperson warning of danger under the sea. World renowned Drag Queen Jujubee dives into the world of animation as the voice of Archie. Jujubee has competed on four seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and appeared as a Queen Supreme mentor this Summer on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race. She recently began the second season of her dating-show podcast “Queen of Hearts.”

These four fishy friends must unite against a great evil; Voda Yaga and her coven of Sea Witches. Voda Yaga is voiced by Drag Queen Superstar Jinkx Monsoon. Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Jinkx returned to the competition series this summer for Drag Race All Stars 7, where she was crowned Queen of all Queens. Jinkx has previous animated experience, being heard as Emerald in “Steven Universe,” Jenna Crawshaw in “Bravest Warriors,” and Martha in “Helluva Boss.”

On their quest to stopping Voda Yaga, Nettie meets several mermaids from around the world; Melissa Medina (“Return to Monkey Island,” “Candy Land”) as Menana, Maddy Goshorn (“Scare Actors”) as Melusine, jazz singer Virginia Ballard as Lorelei, and Monika M. Milani as Calypso’s sister Iaera. Meanwhile, Voda Yaga’s coven includes Joy Ofodu (“True and the Rainbow Kingdom”), Aubrey Poppleton, Kelly Greenshield, and Anthony Ray Morales as Voda Yaga’s henchman.

Some real-life mermaid royalty rounds out the rest of the cast. “Mermaid of New York” Bella Noche voices Nettie’s boss Rio, Marion Toro (Oceanna in “Mermaid High”) plays Calypso’s sister Pherusa, and professional mermaid performer Linden Wolbert appears as Lilly.

Additional voices include Myriam Aburto, Fran Page, Angelicque Cate, Alex Salsberg, and Josh Clary. Recording of all major roles concluded in June of this year, and animation began shortly after. Production is anticipated to continue through Spring of 2024.

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