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Throughout "Sirenetta & the Second Star," we have followed Nettie and her mermaid friends through oceans of adventure. They have fought sea-monsters, battled zombie pirates, and met powerful goddesses. In the upcoming finale, Nettie & co. will fend off a new evil, which takes the form of a tsunami.

We have been heartbroken hearing about the destruction Hurricane Harvey wrought in Texas, and the ensuing flood crisis in Houston, Beaumont, and surrounding areas. Texas is especially close to our hearts, considering Ashleigh Heaton (the voice of Sirenetta) was born and raised in Texas. All throughout production, we at Tiny Siren Animation have hoped "Sirenetta" would be a fun and entertaining series of shorts for families to enjoy together. While this final episode was written several years ago, and animation was completed earlier this summer, we recognize the content may serve as a reminder of painful current events.

While we will celebrate the accomplishment of our team by releasing the episode as anticipated, we don't want the devastation in Texas to go ignored by a show featuring the threat of a flood in its story, which is why we have made a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was started by Houston's Mayor Sylvester Turner, and is being administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. We encourage all who are able to make a donation to the HHRF please do so as well.

The people of Texas are in our hearts, and we hope our contribution will help those in need.

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