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Tiny Siren Turns One

One year ago today, Tiny Siren Animation officially launched and opened for business. It's hard for me to believe it's only been 12 months - it simultaneously feels like it's been one day and one decade. In a way, both notions are true; we still have so many dreams for what Tiny Siren could become, but have been working hard on our craft and building our team for many years.

It has been a year of almost non-stop learning, every turn bringing something new. Moves I thought were sure-fire wins fell short, but other things I didn't expect much from turned out to be more successful than I had ever hoped. Every expectation I had for this first year has been flipped upside down, and while that has sometimes been disappointing, it's ultimately been incredibly exciting.

Going into year two, we're faced with all new questions, that seem harder to answer than anything we faced in year one, and that's something we should celebrate. Tiny Siren is still a very young company, and harder questions just mean more growth as long as we don't hide from the answers. I'm so excited to see where we go, as we expand our offerings and put new projects into production, and I hope you join us for the rest of our animated adventure.

-Matt Bruneau-Richardson

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