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Stop Hate for Profit

Mermaid Princess Sirenetta stopping hate for profit

As a freelance artist and independent filmmaker, self promotion is an essential but morally conflicting part of my job. I have to get the word out about my services and projects, but I'm not always happy with the outlets through which I must do so. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become platforms for bigotry and misinformation, but are unparalleled when it comes to advertising a small, digital business. Amazon, meanwhile, is the epitome of corporate greed, but is still the most profitable place for me to make Tiny Siren's original cartoons available (despite their continued payment cuts to independent filmmakers). I am a part of the problem, as I've given these websites my money to promote Tiny Siren Animation many times over the last four years. It's been easy for me to say "Oh, well, Tiny Siren I'm not really contributing to this problem," but that's actually why it's more important for me to stop giving them my business. Many large corporations have banded together to boycott Facebook and other social media advertising for the month of July, but the majority of their advertising revenue comes from small businesses. For the month of July, I'll be joining the #StopHateForProfit campaign by refusing to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Amazon, as I've done regularly in the past. Tiny Siren will continue to post and use the free features of these platforms, but will not be giving them any money for their advertising services. I hope other small businesses and independent artists will join the campaign, because it's time to send a message loud and clear that hate has no place anywhere - even on the internet.

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