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Introducing "Ever After" Wedding Animation

Today, we at Tiny Siren Animation are proud to announce a new service; "Ever After" Wedding Animation & Design Services.

Last summer, I had the incredible honor of getting married. We planned for months, and even with all the icing melting off our cupcakes, it was a perfect and beautiful day. I know how magical a wedding day can be, it was the most incredible day of my life, and now I want to bring some more of that magic to others.

With "Ever After," our artists will work with you to tell your love story. We will get to know you and your partner, and transform you two into animated characters. We'll illustrate the biggest moments in your relationship; how you two met, your first date, or anything that brought you two together.

We'll add another splash of enchantment to your "Ever After" animation by drawing inspiration from your favorite classic animated fairy tales. We'll animate you with the majesty of "Beauty and the Beast," or the charm of "Cinderella."

For an idea of what we can create for you, please enjoy Jacob & Kristina's "Ever After" Love Story, inspired by Kristina's favorite animated movie, Disney's "Tangled."

Tiny Siren's artists can apply this concept to whatever nuptial event you have in mind. Are you thinking of proposing but looking for a truly memorable way to do so? We'll animate your proposal! Are you two looking for an exciting way to tell all your friends and family the good news? We'll create an animated engagement announcement! Looking to entertain your wedding guests with the story of how you two met? Project your animated love story during cocktail hour or toasts!

This is a beginning, our "Once Upon a Time." We'd love to help you tell your "Happily Ever After."

Visit for more information on this magical new service we're offering. We look forward to hearing from you.

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