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"Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid" now in Production!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Today I officially start something big, scary, and exciting. After a year of chipping away at a script and storyboards in my off-time, I'm diving in headfirst to directing an indie feature film. This is going to be a long, challenging journey, but I am so excited to tell the next chapter of Sirenetta's story!

"Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid" is a feature length animated film, picking up where my animated short "Sirenetta's Family Dinner" left off. Nettie, a modern day Little Mermaid, is living humanly-ever-after on land with her fiance, Freckles. Nettie has to dive back into adventure though when her best friend Calypso and a merperson named Archie come to her for help, looking for a magical artifact that can stop the evil Voda Yaga from draining the ocean of life. These four friends go on a global treasure hunt, meeting mermaids from world mythology as they try to save the seas.

I began writing "Sirenetta: Part-Time Mermaid" in March of 2021. After a few drafts, I decided to actively pursue it as my next big project! Funding was secured, and production began in-earnest on March16th, 2022, recording with Ashleigh and Blake! Animation is estimated to take approximately two years, with the film being completed in 2024. My intent is to then bring the movie to film festivals, finding distribution from there!

The film is already fully funded, so it's definitely getting made! However, it's a low budget indie, so every little bit extra helps. If you'd like to help support our project, you can join our Patreon for as little as two dollars a month!

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