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A Refreshed Start

When we began working on "Sirenetta & the Second Star," Tiny Siren Animation was just a group of friends from college creating animation for fun. We didn't know we'd grow into a company, or that "Sirenetta" would end up streaming on Amazon Video. We, as a team and as individual artists, grew and changed so much over the course of this three-year long production

And I have to admit, it showed. Episode One of "Sirenetta" was animated in 2014, when we all first came together and began working as a group. We were fresh out of college, and still had a lot of improving to do. Working on "Sirenetta" was probably the greatest learning experience of my life, and I am so incredibly proud watching the 6th episode of "Sirenetta," seeing what we created. Now, I am so excited to have the opportunity to bring what we learned to the first episode of "Sirenetta."

We have gone back through episode one, reanimating approximately 60% of the episode. The roughest drawings in this initial episode have been replaced with more refined visuals that better fit with the rest of the series. I am so grateful that Amazon Video not only provides us with a platform to showcase our work, but also that it allows us to update these pieces if we feel the need to improve them. We are also working on remastered mixes of the audio tracks for episodes 1, 2, and 3, and that may be accompanied by further-updates to Episode 1's animation, but I felt it was important to update these visuals now

I hope you go back and re-watch Episode 1 of "Sirenetta," or watch it for the first time, and enjoy our little show about magical mermaids. At the moment we're enjoying the downtime between creative projects, while also working on expanding our "Ever After" Wedding Service, but we'll return to story-telling soon and I can't wait to see what the team comes up with; I hope you can't either.

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