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One Year of Sirenetta

Cartoon Mermaid Sirenetta

One year ago today, Tiny Siren's first production premiered on Amazon. "Sirenetta & the Second Star" was a labor of love for the Tiny Siren team, and it's brought us so much joy to see how it's been received this last year.

We have seen videos of kids singing along with the songs, and heard stories of children who love the show, and it's been so invigorating. Our biggest goal as storytellers is to entertain, and it's been so incredibly gratifying to see that we've accomplished that.

In it's first year, "Sirenetta & the Second Star" has been streamed more than 1.2 million times - that's the equivalent of over 15 years! We spent four years on "Sirenetta," working whenever we could between college classes and part-time jobs - to think people around the world have cumulatively spent nearly four times that long watching our show is truthfully mind-boggling.

Thank you to everyone who's watched "Sirenetta & the Second Star" over this last year. I hope our little mermaid continues on for years to come, showing viewers that there's strength in defying expectations and that you can be in control of your own destiny.

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