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It’s Of-Fish-ial! “Sirenetta” comes to Amazon this June

Tiny Siren Animation’s first animated series, “Sirenetta & the Second Star,” will premiere this June on Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Video, in the US, UK, and Germany.

Amazon Prime subscribers will have access to “Sirenetta” episodes as part of their subscription. Viewers without Prime subscriptions will be able to purchase episodes, individually or as part of a season pass, or watch for free through Amazon Video with advertisements. A release in territories where Amazon Video is not yet available is still being considered.

“Sirenetta & the Second Star” tells the story of Nettie Pearlman, a young woman who started her life as a little mermaid, but is now living Happily Ever After as a human on land. Nettie's normal life gets flipped upside down though, when one day four lost mermaids come to her for help. Now, Nettie will turn back into a mermaid to help these girls find a new lagoon to call home, before the Pirate Queen who's after them can track them down!

The series will span six short episodes, each lasting between five and fifteen minutes. Episodes will premier throughout the summer.

Written and directed by Tiny Siren founder Matt Bruneau-Richardson, “Sirenetta” also features an original score by composer Brandon Liew, three original songs by songwriter Kristina Boulay, and sound design by Yuri Goto. Ashleigh Heaton stars as Nettie Pearlman, and Angelicque Cate as the Pirate Queen Jacquotte Redgrave. The series also stars Blake Cordell, Stephanie Picton, Heather Pederson, Kelsie Adams, Jillian Nadiak, Briana Burton, Chris Thurman, and Myriam Aburto as Calypso.

“Sirenetta & the Second Star” premieres on Amazon Video on World Oceans Day; June 8th, 2017.

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